J6 Data Analysis

Shortly after the events of January 6, 2021, Look Ahead America developed the most comprehensive database available to the public using open source records and private leads.

We have answered the questions most frequently asked of us in the following dynamic graphs below. The answer to the number one question remains unchanged: no one has been charged with insurrection.

Race, Gender and Age

A frequently asked question is: “The media has labeled the event of January 6, 2021 as an insurrection attempt by white supremacists, is this a true statement based in fact?” Our analysis shows a diversified demographic of race, age and gender.

Arrests by State

Often we are asked: “What are the states with the highest arrests for J6?” Our analysis shows the five states with the most January 6 related arrests are Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, and California.

Arrests Frequency

Another question asked often is: “Are arrests still taking place more than a year after January 6, 2021?” The short answer is yes. Through our analysis of arrests dates we observe a steady, yet slight downward trend in the number of arrests occurring each month.


Two of the most frequently asked questions regarding sentencing are in regards to jail time and probation length. Our analysis of sentencing data shows that the majority of those sentenced thus far have received no jail time and the most common probationary period is three years.

Prisoner Locations

There are approximately 79 prisoners being held for January 6. Many have been detained for more than 500 days, pretrial. A prime example of the lack of due process is striking in the case of non-violent Jonathan Mellis who has been held for more than 430 days without even a bond hearing. In comparison, in 1979 a hostile Iranian regime held, and then released, 52 American hostages for 444 days.

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